TIP's philosophy is always to combine the best technical and professional advice with a distinctive and devoted personal service. We are fully aware of the commercial and legal dimensions of our work and accordingly our firm is committed to deliver in every Arab market and for every IP transaction the highest level of service. Our firm's policy is to render the same quality of work product to small clients because of our belief that they will grow and to large clients because we will contribute to their success story .

We know that the market for IP services is highly competitive. We are determined to succeed because of our belief and dedication to two basic principles i.e. accuracy and speed of processing every transaction while maintaining our fees and charges at reasonable levels .

We have combined our long professional experience in IP matters with our associates' legal expertise in order to provide our clients with comprehensive, accurate and relevant advice.

Unfortunately, IP conflicts sometime end up in courts. TIP's philosophy is to do everything in its power to prevent it; sometimes legal action cannot be avoided. In those cases where a settlement or compromise to a lawsuit can't be reached, we rely on our law firms associates and attorneys who specialize in IP law to assist us in every step before and after the court proceedings.