About US

It is our pleasure to introduce our firm of comprehensive intellectual property services namely: Tariq for Intellectual Property. We operate from our Offices in Amman, Jordan & Baghdad, Iraq, and our services cover all the markets of 18 Arab countries through our collaboration with a network of law firm associates. We have set up our firm's administrative structure, in-house information system and intellectual property resources which enable us to provide our clients with the whole spectrum of intellectual property services.
Tariq for Intellectual Property is qualified, experienced and capable of providing the whole spectrum of IP services including: trademark, patent, Industrial Design and copyright registration; advice on licensing and franchising; consultation on specific legislation in any Arab country translation of IP documents, and now we opened a new Department called “Investment in Iraq”, this Department will be responsible for interdiction the legal advice for our Client who interesting with investment in Iraq, and of course we assist them with registration of them Companies in all Iraqi Ministries for obtaining contracts with Iraqi Government and opining subsidiary Office for them Firms in Iraq.

Advocate Tariq Uraibi Abood
Our Founder Advocate Tariq Abood gained long and specialized experience in the field of IP matters during his professional career in the field of IP since the year 1959. he graduated from the Legal College- Baghdad University since the year 1959, one of the most famous lawyers in Iraq, he has provided legal advice to more than 105 foreign Companies which were operated in Iraq for the period between 1960-1995.