Trademark Requirements in Iraq

1- Power of attorney duly legalized up to the Iraqi Consulate. Legalization must be made on the over leaf of power.

2- Photocopy of passport of the person who’s name appears on the power as authorized signatory, however in case the name of the signing person is not mentioned on the power the aforesaid is not required.

3- Certified copy of the priority document duly legalized up to the Iraqi Consulate.

4- Although Iraq follows multi-class application system, each class is divided into subclasses, there are additional governmental fees on each subclass disregarding the number of classes. To learn more about Iraqi classifications, please visit our web site.

5- Transliteration of the mark


a) As of 5 October 2006, the Registrar is requesting the translation of the mark in order to be proceeding in examination.

b) Legalization of documents by the Iraqi Consulate abroad now must be made from the original country of the applicant and it is no longer accepted to be issued or authenticated from another country, unless there is no Consulate in the original country.

c) Letter of consent is not acceptable in Iraq.

d) Late filing of documents is possible within 6 months

d) Registration with Customs is not available

Time from filing to registration 48 months

  Duration of registration

  Edition No.7 of Nice Classification Adopted with local sub-classification

  Any application filed before 1 April 2004 is valid for 15 years.

Any application filed after 1 April 2004 is valid for 10 years.

  Renewal, at time of expiration the mark is renewed for 10 years each period, this new regulation started as of 2007.

  Use requirements :

Any interested party, may apply to the court for a cancellation of the registration of any mark f it had not been used during the 2 years following the date of its registration, unless such none-use may be provided to be due to uncontrollable cause or lawful excuse.

Renewal requirement:

Power of attorney legalized.

  Renewal must be effective in the last 3 months.

  Late renewal within 6 months is possible after payment of penalty of 50% from the official fees

  Change of Name Requirements:

  1. Power of Attorney with the new name legalized.
  2. Certificate of change of name legalized.

  Change of Address Requirement:

  1. Power of Attorney with the new address legalized.


Assignment Requirements:

  1. Power of Attorney legalized and signed by the assignee.
  2. Deed of assignment legalized.
  3. Pending applications can be assigned.

  License Applications

1. Power of attorney duly legalized up to the Consulate of Iraq. The legalization stamp must appear on the back page of the power in order to be accepted.

2- Legalized license agreement, executed by both licensor and licensee.

  Registering with customs Requirements:

1- A Power of Attorney duly legalized up to the Iraqi Consulate.

2- A certified copy of the trademark registration certificate in Iraq.