Protection laws and regulations are in force in most Arab countries except Oman and Qatar. Claiming priority could be filed in most Arab countries except Bahrain. Validity years are between 15 - 20 years and it could be extended for further 5 years, in the cases of Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Substantive examination for patents is available only in Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The Gulf Cooperation Patent Law office was established in Riyadh S.A in 1998 and it provides unified patent protection in all GCC countries namely: Bahrain, Kuwait, S.A, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. Protection period is 15 years and it could be extended for an additional period of 5 years noting that maintenance fees must be paid annually to keep a GCC patent in force.

Inventions may be exploited by the owner of the patent as an industrial application within two years from the date of the grant in accordance to GCC regulations. Furthermore, an additional period of 2 years can be granted to him. Compulsory licensing may be granted to any person who proves his capability to exploit this patent. Alternatively, the owner of the patent must fulfill the requirement by publishing a notice in a daily newspaper inviting interested parties to exploit his patent.