Industrial Design
Laws protecting designs and industrial models are in force in most Arab countries except Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar where a cautionary notice published in the local newspapers may offer some protection.

Designs are protected after their registration with proper government department. The validity of this protection in most Arab countries is for five years from the date of filing or from the priority date, and it is renewable for two consecutive periods of five years each, meanwhile in Iraq the term of validity is for 7 years and it is 25 years in Lebanon & Morocco and it could be extended for further period of 25 years. Substantive examination is available only in Iraq and Syria. Priority dates could be claimed in all Arab countries except Bahrain and Somalia.

With regard to working requirements designs are vulnerable to cancellation on the basis of none-us in Jordan, Mauritania, Somalia, UAE and Palestine (Gaza & West Bank) within 2 years while for some other countries it is 4 years. All designs are subject to cancellation on the ground that the subject design was not novel.