Registration of Trade Mark in Kurdistan Regional
Starting from 1/9/2011, Tariq For Intellectual Properties has resumed the registration of  Trade Marks in Kurdistan Regional (North of Iraq), since then we have registered over than 30 Trade Marks in various International classes, supplying you below with the requirements to register Trade Marks in Kurdistan Regional:

Trademark Requirements in Kurdistan :

1.     Power of Attorney legalized up to Iraqi consulate.
2.     Home certificate of registration legalized up to Iraqi Consulate.
3.     Trade Mark logo to be registered in Kurdistan Regional. 
4.     Preparation of notarized pledge confirmed that the requested Trade Mark has not been registered 
        in the name of Others with the Iraqi Registrar in Baghdad,  otherwise the Registrar will cancel     
        subject Trademark directly if any one will submit certified copy for certificate of registration issued 
        by Iraqi Registrar in Baghdad
5.      Trademark print as JPEG Image.

* transliteration for Trademark has not been requested to both language Arabic & Kurdish.
* The Registrar will exam the Trademark application before it will be filed in order to avoiding the 
   payment of Official fees and then the subject Trademark will be rejected by him.
*The Trademark Law which has been applied in Kurdistan the same Law which has been already 
  applied in Baghdad Law No. 21 for the year 1957.
* The Registrar normally publication the Official Gazette on the website (
Benefits for registration of Trade Marks in Kurdistan province:
1.      Prohibition of the registrations of your Trade Mark by Others in the Kurdistan Regional. 
2.      According to the Kurdistan Regional regulations the local authorities will deny the entry of unregistered Trade Marks to the Kurdish Market.

- For more information you can visit the web site of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Kurdistan Regional (