Our Mission

Intellectual Property is an intangible asset created by the human mind. It is therefore, of paramount importance that these intangible assets must be protected against all infringement activities. We should always remember that the recent revolutionary advancement in communications and in the field of information technology has resulted in reducing the whole world into one global village.

We are determined to continue playing the role of a catalyst in enlightening and educating our business communities to the benefits of IP legislation. Furthermore, we will also continue to advocate and encourage the introduction and enforcement of IP legislation throughout the Arab countries. We strongly believe that suitable and evolving IP legislation in the Arab countries is the best means of avoiding future commercial conflicts.

We strongly believe in the principles of free market competition, simultaneously, we are adamant at preventing unfair competition in our markets.

There is no doubt that countries which adopt and enforce IP legislation will economically benefit in the long run by attracting foreign investment that will create new jobs for their citizens. Furthermore, multinational corporations will have the confidence and expand their marketing and manufacturing operations consequently assisting in the process of the transfer of technology through licensing into these markets.