Contracts and Licenses

Our team is experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various types of contracts and licenses related to copyrights. This includes agreements for the assignment, transfer, and licensing of copyright-protected works, such as music, literature, software, art, and other creative works. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and tailor our contracts and licenses accordingly to protect their copyright interests, ensure compliance with applicable laws, and minimize potential risks.

Clearance and Strategic Advice

We provide comprehensive clearance and strategic advice services to our clients to help them identify and manage potential copyright issues. This includes conducting thorough searches and due diligence to determine the availability and registrability of copyrighted works, assessing potential risks of infringement, and advising on strategies to avoid copyright disputes. Our team also provides guidance on fair use, public domain, and other copyright-related matters to help our clients make informed decisions in their creative endeavors.


We assist our clients in registering their copyrighted works with the appropriate authorities in Iraq, including the Iraqi National Intellectual Property Center (NIPC). Our team handles all aspects of the registration process, from preparing and filing copyright applications to responding to office actions and addressing any registration-related issues. Registering copyrights provides important legal protections and evidences ownership, allowing our clients to enforce their copyright rights more effectively in case of infringement.
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