Investment in Iraq

Investment in Iraq

Tariq for Intellectual Property rendering you our best and prompt services for investment and investors into the Iraqi market , offering them opportunities, preliminary and advanced studies, legal advise, information required for making the right decision, and much more. Investment operations shall be easier with the right advice of our highly qualified and experienced personnel.

Our goal

Our goal is to facilitate paving the path for foreign investment to build Iraq. We are offering our experience and knowledge in Iraqi Law to help those investors who will be helping Iraq to develop and prosper. We are looking forward to become the leading pathfinder group in this field.


We offer legal advice, company & business registration, insurance policies, Trademark, patent & Industrial design registration, banking facilities, transport services, local professional, skilled and non-skilled manpower, .. etc.

How to investment in Iraq?

There are two ways to register your Company in Iraq to obtain contract with the Iraqi Government:

A)Opening a branch Office (Representative Office) in Iraq:

The Iraqi government preferred to co-operation with the foreign Companies which owned representative Office in Iraq for the hereunder reasons:

  • Simplicity to reach them daily because they already have local Manager in Iraq.
  • The full information about the Company has been filed in the Iraqi Government and updating by the Iraqi Consulate in the homeland Country of the subject Company.
  • If any problem has been happened with the competent Authorities, easy to be solved.

The required documents for opening Representative Office in Iraq:

1) The certificate of registration and Memorandum of the Company.

2) The List of Founders of the Company them Names, address & Nationality.

3) Official letter signed by the Person authorized to sign on behalf of the company to appointment the Manager of the Iraqi Branch.

4) Official letter signed by the Person authorized to sign on behalf of the Company to appointment the Advocate who willproceedwith opening the Representative Office in Iraq.

5) Company's budget for the lastfinancialyear.

6) Specific location, telephone number, Fax number & E-mail for the Iraqi Representative Office.

8) An official letter from the company to demonstrate a willingness to open a Representative Office in Iraq.

9) Apledge signed by the Manager of IraqiRepresentativeOffice, states that the Representative Office will not exercise the retail business in Iraq.

10) Blank document contained information regarding the Manager of Iraqi Representative Office (will be sent to you by our Firm).

11) Two photos for the Manager of IraqiRepresentativeOffice.

12) simple copy for passport of the Manager of Iraqi Representative Office.

13) Blank document contained information regrading the Advocate who will proceed with opening the Representative Office (will be sent to you by our Firm).

N.B.: all the above documents must be legalized up to Iraqi Consulate at your end.

B) Registration of your Company profile and C.V. with the Iraqi Government:

Some Companies preferred to file them C.V. with competent Ministry in Iraq to obtain contract with this Ministry, in order to we can file your C.V. in Iraq, you must send us the hereunder documents:

  • Your full information includes your Company’s profile, certificate of registration and last budget of your Company.
  • The list of your projects worldwide includes pictures and full information about each project and the Country which the project has been established there.
  • An official letter from the company to demonstrate a willingness to assist the Government of Iraq to rebuild Iraq

The above ways can be achieved by our Company in Iraq Tariq for Intellectual Company and legal affairs. Also we can be your legal Advisor in Iraq and we can assist you to rent a location for your branch office and we submit our advice about contract with the Iraqi government.

If you have any question, do not hastate to contact us.

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